I stood next to her, silent, smiling, trying to grasp what was happening.

Minutes before, while helping lay stones for a road (read: standing around being unhelpful because I kept messing up, typical), I had stepped in a foot deep pile of mud. One of my teammates laughed at my then solidly brown shoes and said “well, they used to pink.” Magdalena came up to me, grabbed my hand, and led me to a stone wash tub outside of her sisters home. She motioned for me to hand her my shoes, and for the next ten minutes, she scrubbed and scrubbed to get my shoes clean, and she wouldn’t let me help. This beautiful, strong woman, who goes through more struggles in a single day than I have in my entire life, took the time to serve me and didn’t want anything in return. She showed up for me in a big way. 

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One month ago, I was sitting on my suitcase, frustrated because (per usual) I had over packed and I was two pounds overweight on my luggage. Sigh. Nothing new there. I can never sleep the night before a big adventure. I think it’s equal part nerves and excitement. I was laying down, just me and my thoughts, when my anxiety about the trip started to kick in. What if I wasn’t helpful enough during construction? What if the altitude got to me and I slowed people down? What if this, what if that?

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As long as I can remember, I've had this fascination with the Grand Canyon and the land that surrounds it. The sunset-esque hues, the natural history scribed on the rock and the stories that come from it have intrigued me for years, and this past weekend I was finally able to see it in in person for the first time. Valley of Fire is about 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, in the middle of the Mohave Desert, and I'm still blown away by the vastness and beauty of the park. 

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If I had to pick just one word to describe Taylor and Cameron's GORGEOUS New Years Eve wedding, it would be authentic. From the way that their son looked at them, to their hilarious bridal party, the celebratory moments while ringing in 2017, the day was filled to the brim with authentic moments. 

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