If I had to pick just one word to describe Taylor and Cameron's GORGEOUS New Years Eve wedding, it would be authentic. From the way that their son looked at them, to their hilarious bridal party, the celebratory moments while ringing in 2017, the day was filled to the brim with authentic moments. 

Tay and I go waaaay back-- to 2010, to be exact. My two best friends and I were in drivers education with Taylor and two of her bridesmaids, Lauren and Hannah. Cameron was a senior in high school when Tay and I were freshmen, and at the time I was dating a senior too. We bonded instantly and even though we went to different schools, we've stayed in touch all these years and its been such a joy to watch Cam and Taylor's relationship grow and to watch them develop into not only the most amazing couple, but the most amazing parents. 

Top ten moments of the day (in chronological order):

1. Starting off the day right poppin' bottles...that absolutely SOAKED me and my camera with champagne, but I wasn't even mad in the slightest. 

2. THESE. DRESSES! Anyone who knows me knows that monochrome color schemes and anything gold are two of my favorite things,

so I'm sure you can imagine how giddy I was about these flowers and dresses. 

3. In a day and age where unique venues are all the rage (which I love too!), there's something so intimate and peaceful about a simple church wedding.

Bonus points because it was a white haven with the most GORGEOUS natural light. 

4. Theo. THEO. Theo!! Cam and Tay welcomed the most perfect little boy this past summer and I just adore him. I'm lucky to have been part of his journey so far by taking their maternity pictures, his newborn session, and then their wedding day and I really can't wait to watch this little dude to grow up.

5. In the craziest moment of the day, we arrived on campus to take pictures at 5:13PM and sunset was at 5:36PM. Nevertheless, we cranked out some of my favorite pictures I've taken-- the combination of sweet friends, golden hour, and the place we all love so much was magic.

6. I loved this bridal party so much. They were just SO FUNNY and they get all the brownie points in the world for running around campus in their fancy attire in December. 

7. On that note, a round of applause for weather that allowed us to do just that, please.

8. I keep thinking that maybe one of these days I'll stop crying during first dances. This wedding was NOT that day, clearly. Tell me you aren't getting emotional looking at these two.

9. The photobooth was SO FUN, and I may or may not have taken full advantage of it with my friends. What a fun way to celebrate (and Instagram, obviously) New Years Eve.

Special shoutout to my amazing second shooter, Rachel

10. 12:00AM on January 1st, 2017! It was such a joy to say goodbye to 2016 and ring in 2017 with such sweet friends.


Seriously, what a perfect day with amazing people. Thanks for having me, Taylor and Cameron! Love you two forever!! 

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