Ali & Brad | Hidden Hollow Farm Wedding in Crawfordsville, Indiana

I checked the forecast the day before Ali and Brad’s wedding, and while normally I would have had a minor freakout when I saw all of the rain ahead, this time I just smiled. I knew that if anyone could handle a little change in the plans, it was Ali and Brad, and we’d still have a killer day.

Even though Crawfordsville is my hometown, this was somehow my first time shooting at Hidden Hollow and I would NOT be mad about more chances to hang out there. The X doors, amazing grounds, my favorite caterers- yes please! And shoutout those amazing X doors, because it literally didn’t stop raining ONCE allll day, so all (yes all) of our bridal party and family portraits were taken in the doorway while my parter in crime Mike held an umbrella so we wouldn’t get soaked. And seriously, the whole squad were champs all day long, right up until the end when Ali and Brad danced in the rain together before getting the party started.

You like her dress? Gee thanks, she just bought it- wait no, that it isn’t right, she MADE it. Ali’s mama wore that dress on her wedding day, and Ali had it reimagined and altered to fit her for her big day. I’m as sentimental as they come, so you know I died when she told me about the dress.

Ali and Brad, you two throw one heck of a party. One that feels like family, that celebrates the best friends forever kind of love that you two share, and that brings the sunshine even on the rainiest day. Thank you a million times over for letting us celebrate with you!

Three cheers to the All Star Vendor Team that made my job easy:

Venue | Hidden Hollow Farm

Partner in Crime | Mike Lang

Videographer | Tate Kirgiss

Hair | Kara Gora

Flowers | My Dinosaur Dream (They are WOOD FLOWERS, people!! How cool!)

Makeup | Jenna Van Soest

Caterer | Shady Rail Catering

DJ | Mike Kane, Amplified Events

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