Lacey & Steven | Meadow Springs Wedding in Francesville, IN

When we were in elementary school, Lacey and I would run around my backyard in Reynolds making up stories on the felt boards that mama made us while we talked about the boys at school that we had crushes on. A town away, my mom had a little boy named Steven in her 5th grade class who she just LOVED- he was kind, funny, competitive, and smart. Last weekend, one of my very first best friends and that little boy from my mom’s class got married and it was everything that 9 year old Lacey ever wished for, full of pretty in pink, lots of laughter and dancing, and the boy of her dreams…and her grandpa being goofy as always. 

Getting to photograph weddings of my lifelong people is one of the greatest honors, and it’s so stinking fun. There’s just something a little more special about the pictures when you’re taking them of people who babysat you, or took you on vacation with them, or came to your graduation open house. And seeing your friends in love? Man, it’s the best and I’m so lucky that I get to be firsthand witness to their happiness. 

CONGRATS, you two! Loved loved loved celebrating you and can’t wait to cheer you on for the rest of your life together. 

Kayla BaconComment