As long as I can remember, I've had this fascination with the Grand Canyon and the land that surrounds it. The sunset-esque hues, the natural history scribed on the rock and the stories that come from it have intrigued me for years, and this past weekend I was finally able to see it in in person for the first time. Valley of Fire is about 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, in the middle of the Mohave Desert, and I'm still blown away by the vastness and beauty of the park. 

While we were walking through one of the formations, the White Domes, I spotted the cutest couple playing with their dog by a fire toned canyon wall. I've been itching to do an engagement session (I can't WAIT for spring and all of the sessions that come with it), so I marched up to them and (very boldly and very awkwardly) asked if they were a couple and if they'd let me take some pictures of them. Luckily, she's a photographer too so they were all about it.

Thank goodness for random encounters and the nerve to go out of your comfort zone. Here's some of my favorites of this rad duo and some of my favorite spots from the park-- and if you're ever in the area, GO! You won't regret it.  

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